Alda Sigmundsdóttir. Unraveled: A Novel about a Meltdown. Reykjavík: Enska textasmidjan, 2013.

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Káputexti: After a 12-year absence from Iceland, Frida returns home with her husband Damien, a suave and sophisticated British diplomat who has just been made Ambassador to Iceland. It is summer 2008, and the global economy is on shaky ground. As the Icelandic economy begins to spiral out of control, Frida and Damien’s marriage starts to unravel. Seeking refuge, Frida travels to a small fishing village on Iceland’s West Fjords, where a chance encounter with a stranger turns out to have greater implications than she could ever have foreseen. With Iceland and Britain locked in a bitter diplomatic dispute, Frida is forced to examine her marriage, her loyalties, and ultimately to answer the question: What exactly constitutes betrayal?


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